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Signs and symptoms of a failing timing belt in your Audi

What is the Timing Chain on Your Audi?

The timing chain on your Audi is a critical part of the transmission system. It controls the proper rotation of the crankshaft and camshaft and keeps these parts working in sync with each other. The timing chain is located inside the motor and receives proper lubrication from the engine oil, making regular oil changes a part of maintaining the timing chain. Without the timing chain, your Audi will not run properly, or even at all, depending on the damage done if or when the timing chain fails. Obviously, it’s better to maintain the health of the timing chain through proper inspection and maintenance than to allow the chain to fail, leading to catastrophic engine failure and the accompanying expensive and time consuming Audi repairs. Why not partner with the ASE Certified technician team at Simply Euro in Castle Pines, CO, to keep your Audi running its best?

Symptoms of a Failing Timing Chain

The ubiquitous check engine light can mean problems with your timing chain. The only way to be certain what fault is behind the illuminated warning light on your dash it to take your Audi to a certified service station like Simply Euro to have the vehicle hooked up to the diagnostic equipment meant to read the error codes connected with the check engine light. Once the team at Simpy Euro diagnoses the cause of the check engine light, they’ll make recommendations for repairs that may include servicing the timing chain. Rattling, clicking or other odd noises coming from the engine while it’s idling can also indicate problems with the timing chain. If the chain is loose, worn out, or broken down, it’ll vibrate and cause those noises. If you hear them, get your Audi to a certified Audi service station as soon as possible. Regular oil changes are keys to proper maintenance of any vehicle. In the case of a failing timing chain, having the oil changed gives your mechanic the opportunity to check the oil and filter for metal particles and debris—a sign of trouble in the engine that may be connected to a failing timing chain. Should you ignore these types of symptoms, your next symptom can very well be total engine failure and you don’t want that. It’s better to partner with our team to maintain your Audi and have it inspected for timing chain problems on a regular schedule.

Simply Euro is Your Audi Repair Partner

The team at Simply Euro is here for you when your Audi needs maintenance or repair. Give them a call today to make an appointment for your Audi, or stop by the shop during the regular weekday hours so the team can inspect your Audi and make recommendations for maintenance and repair services that will keep your Audi running its best.

Written by SimplyEuro