Five Causes of Excessive Tire Wear in Your European Car

Have you ever wondered if there’s anything you can do about the tread wearing off your tires too soon? SimplyEuro Automotive Repair wants you to know that there are ways around that problem.

Buying the Wrong Tires for Your Needs

When you buy tires, it’s about more than getting the tires that fit your car’s wheels. Each tire has additional ratings, like weight and speed ratings as well as something known as the tread wear rating. It’s important that the tires you buy match up with what the manufacturer tells you your car needs to have.

Improper Tire Inflation

If your tire pressure is incorrect, that’s going to cause serious problems for your European car’s tires. Tire pressure is a delicate balance, and when there’s too much or too little pressure, that affects how well your tires function and how long they last. Checking your own tire pressure manually is important to do on a routine basis.

Mechanical Troubles

Is it really possible that your car’s tires are affected by mechanical issues? Absolutely! Any issues in suspension parts, steering, or other areas of the car directly impact how well the tires are able to do their own job. Failures in those other areas can create failures in your car’s tires, too.

Skipped Wheel Services

Wheel services are so much more important than many European car owners realize. These services help to ensure that the tires have the support that they need in order to make proper contact with the road surface. If you’re skipping wheel balancing, wheel alignments, and even tire rotations, you’re more likely to see excessive tire wear on your car’s tires.

Driving Habits

Your own driving habits also have a part to play in keeping your car’s tires in good condition. If you’re an aggressive driver or if you tend to speed a bit more often than you should, those habits are going to seriously impact your tire tread. Making even a small adjustment to your own driving habits can make such a big difference in tread life.

SimplyEuro Automotive Repair in Castle Pines, CO can help you to determine what’s causing problems for your car’s tires. Just give us a call today and we can take a closer look at the situation for you and let you know what repairs or assistance your European car needs in order to hang onto tires the way that it should.

Written by SimplyEuro