Five Tips for Getting Your European Car Ready for Fall

Your European car is fun to drive any time of year, but it’s especially fun to drive while checking out fall leaves. SimplyEuro Automotive Repair wants to be sure your European car is ready for all those adventures.

Check Your Coolant Levels

Coolant is important when it’s hot out, but it’s equally important in cooler weather because it also functions as antifreeze. Fall is a terrific time to take some time out and just make sure that you’ve got enough engine coolant in the reservoir. If you do notice any issues, you’ve got time before the weather gets super cold to get the problem resolved.

Don’t Forget the Oil

If it’s been a while since your last oil change, it might be time to make that happen for your European car. Even if you’re not due for an oil change, take some time while you’re checking your coolant and check the oil. the oil levels are important but pay attention also to whether the oil looks clean or dirty, because that tells you a lot as well.

Make Sure Your Tires Can Handle the Change in Seasons

Tire wear might not be such a big deal in warm weather, but in colder weather and adding precipitation to the mix, you want your tires to be in good condition. Take a look at them and see if you spot any uneven tread wear or other signs of issues.

Turn the Heater On

When did you last run the heater in your European car? Odds are pretty good that it’s been quite a while. Test out the heater now before you really need it to work. It’s always better to find out now that it’s having issues than to wait until it’s super cold outside.

Check Your Safety Kit

You’ve got a safety kit, right? The simplest safety kit should have a jack and tire tools, jumper cables, and a first aid kit. If you’ve got space, you might also want to consider adding things like a blanket, non-perishable food items, and water. Avoiding a breakdown is always preferable, but you need to be prepared just in case.

Here at SimplyEuro Automotive Repair in Castle Pines, CO we’ll be happy to help you make sure your European car is ready for fall driving. Contact us today and set up an appointment. We’ll go over your car thoroughly and make sure you’re ready to go.

Written by SimplyEuro