Four Signs It’s Time to Get New Tires

Getting new tires isn’t something that most car owners are necessarily excited about, and for good reason. Simply Euro wants you to know what to look for to help you know when it’s time to start considering buying new tires for your car.

You’ve Experienced Handling Problems

Handling issues, like pulling or vibrations, aren’t just a normal part of driving. They’re a sign that there’s something wrong. In the case of your car’s tires, it’s a sign that you might have uneven tread wear or possibly that the tires are too worn to be effective any longer. Ignoring handling issues just allows the problem to get worse.

You’ve Noticed that the Tires Don’t Look Good

Sometimes as the tires get older, the tread isn’t necessarily the problem. Tire wear is about more than just tread wear. As the rubber ages, the sidewalls of the tires might not hold up well. If you’re seeing a lot of scuffs or even blisters, that’s dangerous because the tires could break down at any time.

The Treads in Particular Might Look Rough

The biggest place you’re going to notice wear and tear on your tires is in the tread. If you’re looking at the treads on your car’s tires and they seem to be wearing unevenly or they’re completely worn away, that’s a big indication that you need to consider getting a new set of tires. The best way to keep track of this is to make it a point to check your car’s tires on a regular basis.

You’ve Had to Add Air to the Tires Often

Sometimes the problem isn’t the tire’s tread. There can be other problems, like with the valve stems or beading, that are ultimately unrepairable. Those issues may mean that you need to get new tires, but first you have to notice that there is something not quite right. Often the connection is that you’re putting air in the tires more often than you really should. If you’re noticing that the tires do need air more often, it’s worth finding out if a new set of tires is in order.

Is it time for you to get new tires for your car? Give us a call today at Simply Euro in Castle Pines, CO. We can inspect your tires for you and help you to know when they need a little bit of help and when it’s time to get a brand new set of tires.

Written by SimplyEuro