Four Signs Your European Car Is Overdue for an Oil Change

You may know exactly when you should change your European car’s oil according to mileage, but is that always right? Sometimes your car may be overdue for an oil change, even if the mileage doesn’t say it’s time. Here’s what Simply Euro Automotive Repair wants you to be aware of in regard to needing an oil change.

You’re Checking the Oil Regularly and Notice it’s Low

The biggest reason to regularly check your own oil is so that you can keep tabs on oil levels. Your European car needs engine oil in the right amounts in order to function properly. When you take just a few minutes every few weeks to verify that all is well, you know where you stand in terms of engine oil.

You’re Tracking Gas Mileage and Notice it’s Getting Bad

Another metric you might want to start tracking, if you aren’t already, is your car’s fuel mileage. This helps you to narrow down a variety of possible problems but can especially help you to notice that your car needs an oil change. This is because your car’s manufacturer recommendations are generalities. When you start to notice performance falling off, the easiest and most likely fix is to get some fresh oil circulating through the engine.

You’ve Spotted an Oil Leak Under the Car

Oil leaks are always a bad sign because that means that oil that should be in your car’s engine is elsewhere. Be on the lookout for signs of oil under your car. If you do spot any oil spots, it’s always better to have your car checked out and just make sure that there’s nothing seriously wrong. Ruling problems out is way better than suddenly having a big problem.

You’re Seeing Dashboard Warning Lights

Lots of car owners are scared of dashboard warning lights, but they’re there to help. You might see an oil light or even the dreaded check engine light. Don’t let yourself get upset if you do see either of these lights. The best thing to do is to take action right away and to get your car inspected. An experienced European auto technician can narrow down what’s happening and get the problem resolved before your car experiences any engine damage.

Simply Euro Automotive Repair in Castle Pines, CO is here for you for all of your European car needs, including routine oil changes. Give us a call today and we can set up an appointment to address anything your car might need.

Written by SimplyEuro