How Can You Tell it’s Time for New Transmission Fluid in Your European Car?

Keeping your European car in the best possible condition means paying attention to all of its systems, including the transmission and the transmission fluid. SimplyEuro Automotive Repair has some ways for you to know it’s time to have your car’s transmission fluid changed.

You’ve Felt Rough Shifting

Whether your European car has a manual or automatic transmission, shifting should be smooth and responsive. If you’re feeling hesitation or roughness when you know the car is shifting, there are a few possible causes for that. The most common is that the transmission fluid is old or otherwise not able to do its job and needs to be replaced. Doing so as quickly as possible helps you to avoid transmission damage.

There’s Noise Coming from the Transmission

Normally your European car’s transmission shouldn’t be making a lot of extra noise, either. Some of the noises to be especially aware of include grinding sounds, thunking noises, and even squeals. Any of these can be an indication that the gears and other parts in the transmission aren’t able to move against each other properly. Transmission fluid is what lubricates those parts and keeps them moving smoothly, so if they aren’t, it’s possible that a fluid change is in order.

You Spotted a Fluid Leak

Transmission fluid leaks are definitely bad news. You’re most likely to see transmission fluid under the rear end of the vehicle because that’s where the transmission is. The color of the fluid can also give you a clue about what’s going on. If it’s fairly clear and reddish-brown, the transmission itself is likely still in good condition. If the fluid is pink or black, there may be some other issues with the transmission besides the leak.

>h3>The Service Schedule Says it’s Time

The easiest way to know it’s time to change out the transmission fluid in your European car is because the maintenance schedule says it’s time to do so. Your car’s manufacturer puts that schedule together to make sure that your car gets the maintenance it needs exactly when it should. Of course, if you’re experiencing these other issues before it’s time to have the transmission serviced, you need to do so.

SimplyEuro Automotive Repair in Castle Pines, CO can help with your transmission fluid issues and anything else that’s going on with your European car. Make an appointment today and we can perform the necessary diagnostic testing to see what all needs attention. We’ll get your European car running smoothly again quickly.

Written by SimplyEuro