How Can You Tell Your European Car Needs New Tires?

You definitely want to get the most out of your European car’s tires, right? But there comes a time when you really need to make sure you get new tires instead of letting them get too far gone. Here are some tips from SimplyEuro Automotive Repair that can help.

You’ve Got Handling Issues

Most people who own European cars do so because of their reputation for top-of-the-line engineering and handling. So when your European car starts having handling issues, like the car pulling to one side when you’re driving, that’s a problem. The handling issues you experience are likely to get worse as you speed up, particularly if the tires are part of the problem.

The Car Is Vibrating When You’re Driving

Vibrations are another common issue when your European car’s tires are getting long in the tooth. The big problem with any types of handling issues, whether the car is pulling to one side or you’re feeling vibrations, is that those problems only get worse over time. And if you ignore what’s going on, they not only get worse, but they start to affect other systems, like the suspension and the steering.

There’s Uneven or Excessive Tread Wear on the Tires

When your car’s tires are starting to wear out, you’re likely going to notice that the tread is worn very low. It might even start to be look very close to smooth, which is a bad sign indeed. If you’re seeing any metal pieces through or in between the tread, your tires are actually dangerously worn. Uneven tread means that you’ll see tread that’s lower in some spots or even torn away from the tire.

The Rest of the Tire Doesn’t Look So Great, Either

The tread gets all the attention, but the rest of the tire is important, too. If your tires are getting old, the sidewall may not be as supportive as it needs to be. The sidewall may also be scuffed or worn too thin in some spots. If you see cracks, blisters, or bulges in the sides of any of your tires, that’s not a good sign. The tires may be close to blowing out and you should get them replaced right away.

Don’t wait if you think you need new tires. SimplyEuro Automotive Repair in Castle Pines, CO can help. Contact us today and we’ll help you to assess your tires and determine if you need new ones. If you do, we can help you to find the perfect ones for your European car’s needs.

Written by SimplyEuro