How To Get Your European Car Ready For Bad Weather

No matter where you live, even here in Castle Pines, CO, eventually you are going to find yourself forced to drive in inclement weather. You simply have no idea when your morning drive to work will become a slip-and-slide accentuated by a torrential downpour. Though unlikely, you could see a commute home from work become a winter wonderland before your very eyes, with snow and ice making the streets a nightmare to navigate. With that kind of uncertainty in mind, you can understand how important it is to prepare your car to deal with any kind of inclement weather that might pop up. At Simply Euro in Castle Pines, CO, we are offering some tips on making sure your car is road-ready for inclement weather.

Check Your Tires

While safety features like brakes are important to be ready for bad weather, there are steps to make sure your car is ready without our help. You can check your tire tread yourself to make sure your car is ready to handle bad weather. Simply grab a penny and place it between the treads. Can you see the top of Abraham Lincoln’s head? If so, your tires are worn and they need replacing. As we said before, you never know when bad weather will pop up, so you’ll want to replace those tires as soon as possible.

Make An Emergency Kit

This one is big. Every single car on the road should have an emergency kit on board for inclement weather or worse. If you need help putting one together, our team would be happy to make suggestions. But at the very least you should have bottles of clean water, snacks, flashlights, flares, and batteries. These could mean the difference between annoyance and tragedy, so before bad weather hits, make an emergency kit for your vehicle. You’ll be glad you did.

Schedule Service

Chances are it has been a hot minute since you had your car in for service or even a simple oil change. Flip to the back of your owner’s manual and take a look at the list of scheduled services and mileages. Are you up to date? If not, a great way to prepare for bad weather ahead is to get your vehicle into the bays at Simply Euro in Castle Pines, CO. Our team will perform any maintenance you might need, and you can drive away with the peace of mind that your car is as safe as possible from Mother Nature’s whims.

Make An Appointment

Bad weather will strike eventually, and with help from Simply Euro in Castle Pines, CO, you can be ready. Make an appointment with us today!

Written by SimplyEuro