Mercedes Maintenance in Atlanta, GA

What are the top maintenance services your Mercedes needs.

Maintaining Your Mercedes

Maintaining your Mercedes is one of the best ways you can extend the life of the vehicle. The ASE Certified technicians at Simply Euro in Atlanta, GA, are here to help you keep your Mercedes in top shape for the difficult driving environment in the greater Atlanta Metro area. One of the best maintenance services you can have performed on your Mercedes is getting regular oil changes. You should also, at the recommendation of the manufacturer, have the engine inspected at least twice a year. These two maintenance services can help head off problems before you run into a catastrophic engine failure and the accompanying expensive and time consuming repairs. Mercedes recommends having the brakes inspected regularly. You may wish to have your brakes inspected when you have your oil changed. You should also have the brake fluid flushed and refilled every 2-3 years to clear any moisture that the fluid may have absorbed. Another Maintenance service you should have done with your oil changes is to have your tires inspected for wear or damage. The driving conditions in the greater Atlanta Metro area can be dangerous to your tires and you’ll want to ensure you don’t have a blow-out at highway speeds on the many highways around Atlanta.

Less Regular Maintenance Services

Some of the maintenance your Mercedes needs should be done every few thousand miles, while other services are only required at mileage milestones like 50,000 or 100,000 miles. These services are part of the recommended Mercedes maintenance schedule included in your vehicle’s user’s manual and include the engine cooling system inspection, flush and refill, and your transmission system inspection, flush, and refill. You can talk with the Simply Euro team about the maintenance schedule recommended by Mercedes and let them help you arrange for regular services.

Simply Euro Can Help

The Simply Euro team of ASE Certified technicians and knowledgeable customer service advisors will work with you to ensure your Mercedes is maintained according to the recommended schedule provided by Mercedes and any extra maintenance your vehicle needs based on your driving habits in the greater Atlanta Metro area. Give them a call or stop by the shop during their regular weekday business hours to speak with a customer service advisor about how our team can help you maintain your Mercedes. You’ll be glad you did.

Written by SimplyEuro