Signs That Your European Vehicle Has A Bad Alternator

Your European car’s alternator is a vital component. It does a big part in keeping your car powered. It works as a generator, recharging as the battery loses charge and keeping things in balance as you drive. If you have a bad alternator, a number of things can malfunction on your vehicle. SimplyEuro Automotive Repair gives some signs that your alternator might be going bad and is in need of replacement.

Battery Trouble

A dead battery can be a surefire sign that your alternator is going bad. Even though you may be able to jumpstart the vehicle, you may find that your battery drains quickly afterwards. The alternator does an important job, keeping your battery charged as you drive. So if it’s not keeping a charge, you will want to get the alternator checked out to make sure it is still functioning properly.

Flickering Lights

When it gets old, your alternator will struggle to modulate power in your European vehicle, and your lights may flicker. When it gets really old, your lights will remain low as you drive. This is because it can no longer regulate the amount of power it is sending to your components.

Hard Starts

If you experience frequent stalls and problems starting your vehicle, it also may be an alternator issue. As we’ve stated above, your alternator plays a big part in sending power to your car’s components. Your spark plugs are no exception. If they cannot get enough power, then your car will experience hard starts, or will not start at all.

Dashboard Warning Light

Newer European cars should have a dashboard warning light that indicates when an alternator is going bad. It is frequently called the ALT or GEN light. You may also have a battery light that will indicate issues as well. It will look like just that – a battery.

Whining Sounds

Belts and pulleys are among the components that your alternator uses to generate power. If a pulley fails, you may hear whining noises coming from your European car. If this is the case, it’s time to bring it in to get the car looked at. You could have a malfunction.

Burning Smell

You may smell burning rubber as your alternator begins to fail. This is most often a drive belt overheating. Also, you may smell a burning odor if the electrical components connected to the alternator are going bad. Either way, it’s time to bring your car in for service.

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Written by SimplyEuro