SimplyTRUE Auto Group Welcomes the World’s #1 Audi Technician to Their Team

Dallas, Texas — SimplyTRUE Auto Group, a leader in independent vehicle repair and maintenance, welcomed Kevin Lynch, the #1 ranked Audi Technician in the world, to its acclaimed team in early October 2023. Kevin Lynch will guide the SimplyTRUE Auto Group’s team to new heights amidst the evolving technical landscape.

"From the moment I started driving my first car at 17, I fell in love with all things automotive. With the help of my friend's dad and his tools, my friends and I started modifying the basics of our cars — cold air intake, stereo systems, and painting interior trim panels. I knew then that I wanted to know how to fix my car when it broke down instead of taking it to the dealership," shared Lynch.

He excelled at UTI with FordFACT and pursued technical work outside the classroom, first at a gas station and then at a BMW dealership. He later joined Volkswagen and achieved Master Status before moving to Audi, where he spent another five years and obtained Master Guild recognition. Then, in 2023, he won first place in the TwinCup competition, achieving the highest scores in every sector across 23 countries.

Founded on principles of excellence in business, customer experience, and technical mastery, SimplyTRUE Auto Group prides itself on continually elevating its internal talent and redefining industry standards. Their cutting-edge facilities and state-of-the-art tools attract automotive experts worldwide. With a growing team of over 100 fully certified technicians, SimplyTRUE Auto Group stands out as a leader in European vehicle repair services.

Amidst their impressive talent pool, Kevin Lynch will lead SimplyTRUE Auto Group's team with his renowned skill set and wealth of experience. He expressed his excitement about joining the team, “Having climbed the mountain and reached the summit, I knew it was time for another change in my career and left the dealership world I was so accustomed to. After a few conversations with Ryan Blair, I knew what the next phase would be, and I joined on with him and his team at SimplyTRUE Auto Group.”

SimplyTRUE Auto Group's appointment of Kevin Lynch is a testament to their commitment to attracting the coveted talent and creating an internal environment that focuses on recruiting, training, and nurturing industry experts. With the independent aftermarket service sector experiencing a surge in demand, SimplyTRUE is setting the benchmark for the industry once again.

About SimplyTRUE Auto Group:

In October 2021, automotive industry leaders joined forces, creating SimplyTRUE Automotive Group. In doing so, they established SimplyEuro, TRUE Automotive, and Blair Automotive. Their partnership aims to redefine automotive service and repair industry standards. Leveraging its combined network and potential for growth, SimplyTrue provides an unmatched experience for their technicians by fostering confidence, building relationships, and nurturing a sense of community.

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Morrie Hudiburg: Head of Recruitment at SimplyTRUE Auto Group

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Written by Theo Civitello