Six Types of Fluids in Your European Car

The more you know about the fluids in your European Car, the better you can respond to leaks and other issues related to those fluids. Here’s a list from SimplyEuro Automotive Repair.

Windshield Wiper Fluid

You might not think much about windshield wiper fluid, but when you need it, it’s crucial. Windshield wiper fluid looks like plain water with a bit of blue tint to it. It usually contains a small amount of alcohol to help clean up your windshield quickly. It’s a good idea to peek under the hood now and then to make sure you notice when your wiper fluid needs to be topped up.


Coolant does what it says it does. It flows through the various parts of the cooling system drawing heat away from your European car’s engine. Without coolant, your car is more likely to overheat and heat causes serious damage. Coolant is usually some version of neon green or yellow, but it can also appear to be other colors depending on where it’s leaking from.

Transmission Fluid

Another vital fluid in your European car is transmission fluid. This viscous fluid runs through your car’s transmission lubricating gears and other transmission parts as it draws heat away from the transmission. Transmission fluid can last a very long time, but once it starts aging and needing to be changed, you’re more likely to experience trouble shifting gears and accelerating. Look for transmission fluid leaks underneath the rear of the car.

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is what helps your car to have the power it needs in order to stop. If you don’t have enough brake fluid or you have a leak, that affects stopping ability of your car. You’re most likely to see brake fluid around your wheels, but brake fluid can also leak from brake lines elsewhere under the car.


Most car owners know that engine oil is important, but do you know why? Engine oil does three big things, and you might not realize all of them. First, it keeps engine parts lubricated to reduce friction. Second, it keeps the engine cleaner. The third big job is that it helps to keep the engine cooler, much like transmission fluid does for the transmission.


Without fuel, you’re not going anywhere. Ideally, you shouldn’t ever smell fuel, so if you do, it’s possible that there’s a big problem somewhere. Many engine issues start with fuel, either using the wrong octane or some part of the fuel system isn’t working properly.

Want to make sure that all your European car’s fluids are doing what they should be doing? Contact us today at SimplyEuro Automotive Repair in Castle Pines, CO. We’ll be happy to take a look and let you know what’s going on.

Written by SimplyEuro