What Are the Noises You’re Hearing in Your European Car All About?

Understanding the different noises that you’re hearing from your European car can be an important part of getting help for the car when necessary. Cars aren’t exactly quiet, so there might be a lot of different noises going on all at once. SimplyEuro Automotive Repair has these tips for you about common noises you might hear.

Brake Noises

Your European car’s brakes make a variety of different sounds during normal operation. But there are other sounds that you’re likely to hear when there’s trouble somewhere in the brake system. Grinding noises, for instance, or squealing sounds, are extremely common when there’s something not quite right. The problem could be a worn brake pad, damaged brake parts, or something else. The key is that you can tell the sounds are coming from the brakes, or they’re only present when you use your brakes.

Wheel Noises

The wheels themselves can be noisy, too. You might hear some general whirring or squeaking sounds coming from the wheels during normal operation. You can also start to hear other noises, like clicking sounds when you turn the steering wheel. Those types of sounds can be a sign of trouble in the suspension or steering system. There could also be issues in the wheel bearings or elsewhere in the wheels. It’s worth having new noises checked out.

Engine Noises

Your European car probably purrs on a normal day, but there can be other noises, too. Some of those noises are normal and others are cause for concern. Clicking sounds, thumping noises, and anything that sounds rhythmic and just wrong needs to at least be investigated further. Banging sounds can also mean that the engine is misfiring or experiencing other issues.

Water Noises

If you’re hearing dripping noises, that could mean that there is some sort of water leak. That could be condensation leaking in the AC system or it could be other watery fluids, like coolant, leaking. Any time that you hear a hissing sound under the hood, that means that some type of fluid is making contact with something hot. It can also mean that the car’s engine is overheating.

Hearing some things from your European car’s engine that you can’t identify? Give us a call today at SimplyEuro Automotive Repair in Castle Pines, CO. We’ll help you to make sure that all is well with your car and get you back on the road again safely as quickly as possible.

Written by SimplyEuro