What Can You Do to Protect Your European Car’s Transmission?

Did you know that there is a whole lot that you can do to take better care of your European car’s transmission? It’s true! Here are some tips from SimplyEuro Automotive Repair that can help you with this goal.

Adhere to the Service Schedule in the Manual

It might have been a while since you checked out your European car’s manual, so it’s time to dig it out and check out what it has to say about transmission services. Usually the recommendations vary from having the transmission serviced anywhere from 20,000 to 50,000 miles or every couple of years. It helps a lot for you to know what the recommendation is for your vehicle.

Get the Transmission Fluid Checked Regularly

Just like engine oil transmission fluid needs to be checked periodically in order to make sure it’s in good condition and that there’s plenty of it. That’s not easy to get to on your own, typically, and it might not be something you’re comfortable doing on your own. When you’ve got the car in for other services, like oil changes, ask how the transmission fluid is doing.

Pay Attention to Your Driving Habits

How you drive affects every system in your car and can shorten the life of those systems and even the entire car. That’s a lot of pressure, but even minor changes can make a big difference. Take your time when the light turns green and avoid speeding whenever possible. That also helps you to avoid having to make sudden stops, which can also be tough on your transmission.

Take Action if You Notice Changes

Most importantly, if you do notice that your transmission sounds or feels different, you’re probably not imagining any of that. It’s really vital that you take action when you notice something is weird or off. You know your car, and your transmission, better than anyone else does because you drive it all the time. Responding quickly to changes can ensure that a minor repair doesn’t become a massive and expensive one.

SimplyEuro Automotive Repair in Castle Pines, CO can help you with your European car’s transmission and every other type of repair and service, too. Call us today to set up an appointment for whatever you need help managing. We offer diagnostic testing and our experienced auto technicians can solve an array of difficult problems you might be having with your European car.

Written by SimplyEuro