What Color Should My Land Rover’s Transmission Fluid Be?

The transmission fluid in your Land Rover or other European automobile should be red. Transmission fluid is always red. It changes colors as it goes through its life stages, and we will explain more about this below. On average, you should have your Land Rover’s transmission fluid changed every 30,000 miles. We can do that for you here at Simply Euro no matter what make of European automobile you drive. Let’s talk more about the importance of transmission fluid and its various colors.

What the Transmission Fluid Does

The transmission fluid is also called transmission oil because it lubricates the internal transmission mechanisms including the gears. Unlike your European automobile’s motor oil, however, the transmission fluid has other duties. It also cools the transmission as it flows through it, removes dirt and grime, and acts as a hydraulic fluid to help the transmission shift gears. As you can see, this fluid is vital to your vehicle’s transmission. As such, it’s important to have it changed when it needs it.

The Various Stages of Transmission Fluid By Color

As we said above, transmission fluid is red. The color is bright and the fluid is translucent. When your Land Rover’s transmission fluid is this color, it is doing its job effectively. There’s no need to change the fluid at this time because the fluid is viscous, has not oxidized, and is able to protect the transmission and help it shift gears. The fluid will change its color as it ages. Specifically:

  • Light brown and translucent transmission fluid is still doing its job effectively and does not need to be changed
  • Dark brown or black transmission fluid is opaque, oxidized, and must be changed immediately to avoid transmission damage
  • Pink transmission fluid is diluted by engine coolant and indicates that you have a serious breach between the cooling system and transmission

Pink transmission fluid aside, if the fluid in your Land Rover is red or light brown, it doesn’t need to be changed yet. Once it turns dark brown, it needs to be changed. The better rule of thumb, however, is to have the fluid changed every 30,000 miles or when your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends it.

Your transmission may also tell you that the fluid is old and needs to be changed in the form of transmission problems. You may notice that your transmission is having difficulty shifting gears, it may be slipping out of gear, or it may be making strange sounds. It will also overheat if the fluid is too low.

Call Simply Euro in Castle Pines, CO, today to schedule a transmission inspection. We will change your transmission fluid if it needs it.

Written by SimplyEuro