Why Are Automotive Filters So Important to My Car?

Automotive filters are important to your European automobile because they not only protect the engine but, in some cases, they also protect you. SimplyEuro Automotive Repair can replace your automotive filters when they need it. The replacement duration depends on what your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends as well as how long it takes for each filter to get dirty. This can change depending on the filter type and you’re driving conditions. We’ll explain more below.

Air Filter

The engine has an air filter that works much the same way as your HVAC filter works in your home. Air is drawn into the engine through the grille and then run through the air filter before it is mixed with fuel for combustion. The air filter must ensure that the air is completely free of contaminants before it flows into the combustion chamber. To make sure the air filter can do its job properly, change it every 12,000 miles at a maximum.

Cabin Filter

The cabin filter is also an air filter and it is found on most automobiles. This filter cleans the air that flows into your European automobile’s cabin. Some automobiles do not have a cabin filter, so check your owner’s manual to see if your vehicle has one. If your automobile has a cabin filter, it’s a good idea to change it every 30,000 miles or if it gets dirty before that.

Fuel Filter

All European automobiles have a fuel filter. In fact, all automobiles have a fuel filter. The fuel filter cleanses the fuel of impurities before it is pushed into the engine. The fuel filter does this twice to make certain there is no contamination or sediment in the gasoline once the fuel injectors spray it into the intake manifold or cylinders. A clean fuel filter is crucial to the performance of your automobile (as is a clean air filter). Change the fuel filter every 30,000 miles or two years.

Oil Filter

Finally, the oil filter helps the motor oil keep your European automobile’s engine clean. Motor oil does more than lubricate the moving parts found in the engine; it also cleans away grime from the parts as well as draws heat away to help keep your engine cool. Because the oil cleans the engine as it flows through it, the oil filter is unique. It doesn’t clean the motor oil before it flows through the engine. Rather, it cleans it afterward. The oil filter is changed at every oil change.

Stop by SimplyEuro Automotive Repair in Castle Pines, CO, for a filter check. We will change any of the filters that need to be changed in your European automobile.

Written by SimplyEuro